"The Craic Was Ninety" Wax Melts

"The Craic Was Ninety" Wax Melts
$5.25 USD
The Craic Was Ninety is a slang Irish term.  Craic refers to the fun or atmosphere on a night out.  To say "The Craic Was Ninety" means an incredibly good time on a particular night.  Imagine the look on our faces when our Irish guide asked us how the craic was on the previous the night.

The Craic Was Ninety  is an a scrumptious scent combination of sweet creme, sugar with small notes of coffee, chocolate, almond and vanilla.  
The takeaway is an irish creme redolence.

One clamshell is approximately 3.0 ounces.

Unit price of $5.25 is for one clamshell only.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping. 

Please see our wax melt FAQ for intended usage and warnings.

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