OOPS HHC "Turkey Virgin" Mystery Wax Melts

OOPS HHC "Turkey Virgin" Mystery Wax Melts
OOPS HHC "Turkey Virgin" Mystery Wax Melts
$4.50 USD

OOPS! Or no?

Not quite the Turkey Virgin we expected. When our creators sell product in HHC, they are held to strict standards about overpour, oops batches that started out as HHC. Hula Moon has to uphold that standard to the same degree, maybe more so since we believe in leading by example.

Recently when we were doing some late night wax melt making, somehow we accidentally blended sweet cinnamon pumpkin in a large batch of the fragrance oil blend for Turkey Virgin and poured them up. They were labeled and packed along with the correct ones. Since this is not a visual difference but a olfactory one, we have no way of sniffing 80 wax in a time manner and knowing which is which.

Some of these will be the original blend as expected. All clamshells will have Hansel & Gretel's House notes of ginger, cream, butter and graham cracker with vanilla, molasses and spices as middle and bottom notes. The tricky thing is that some of these will have the caramel covered apples & maple with smoky, woodsy notes. And some will have sweet cinnamon pumpkin which is a warm inviting cinnamon gourmand fragrance with a base of golden amber and rum.

$4.50 is the price for one 3 oz clam shell

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