"Puakenikeni" Wax Melts

"Puakenikeni" Wax Melts
$5.25 USD
Puakenikeni Wax Melt -  Even if you cannot pronounce  the name, the fragrance is unmistakable!   Imagine a bridal bouquet of tuberose, gardenia and pikake flowers.  Throw in top notes of orange & pineapple and base notes of greenery.  It's magical!

Pua means flower.  Kenikeni means ten cents.  In the days when people came to Hawaii by boats instead of planes, the flowers were sold for 10 cents each to make fragrant lei.

One clamshell is approximately 3.0 ounces. 

Unit price of $5.25 is for one clamshell only.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping. 

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