Hula Moon FAQs & Policies

Need to reach out to us? 
Please email Hula Moon Beauty at:

We always want to ensure that your experience with Hula Moon Beauty is phenomenal.  With years of experience, we have come up with a set of frequently asked questions and polocies to guide you.

Please Note: We do not handle customer service through social media.
Be sure to include your name that was used on the order as well as the address that was used for the order and the order number.  All of this information is necessary to correctly identify your order within our system.  Mahalo!

Hula Moon does not accept returns of used polish or bath and body products. 
If you have any questions about your order or products in your order please contact us.

Damaged Order?  If your order arrives damaged or incorrect item, please email us with photos of the issue upon receipt of delivery.

Nail Polish Color Differences?  Please remember that colors vary in appearance on different devices. 
 We do our best to ensure Hula Moon photos show the different aspects of our beautiful handmade polish, but phones, computers and tablets also play a role in what you are seeing. We are not responsible for these differences.

 Underfilled Bottles? More than likely your bottle is not underfilled.  The bottle that Hula Moon uses for our nail polish is a 17mL bottle but we advertise that you are receiving 15mL worth of product.  Why?  Overfilling bottles causes breakage. Our bottles are never filled into the neck.  They will be filled below this in order to lessen damage during transit.

Separation? Nail polish ingredients have different weights and at some point settling may occur as gravity does its job. Hula Moon uses large mixing beads to ensure that our product is easy to roll or shake back into a mixed state.  Sometimes polishes with a lot of glitter or flakes may appear thicker than what you might be used to.  Never use acetone to thin polish.  Nail polish thinner is a good investment for your handmade polishes.

Warnings? Never use nail polish products near an open flame heat or anything that sparks.  Do not use while smoking. Keep away from small children. Nail polish products are NEVER for internal consumption. Please use in well-ventilated areas as nail polish odors are strong. Discontinue use if any irritation or reaction occurs.


Due to changes in UK regulations we are not currently shipping to the United Kingdom. 

TRANSFER OF ASSETS:  Ownership of the items purchased from Hula Moon is transferred to the purchaser once the package has shipped and is in the hands of the carrier. Any damages, theft, or lost items are the responsibility of the purchaser. The purchaser agrees to file the necessary claims with the carrier or forwarding company to recoup any losses. Hula Moon is not responsible for the items once they leave their possession.  Please see next paragraph for USPS contact information.

I live in the US. What do I do if my package shows it was delivered but I didn't receive it? 

When a package gets lost or scanned wrong by USPS there is nothing that we can do to correct this. Most of the time the packages corect themselves after a few days.
However if this is not the case with your lost package, we highly suggest these three things:
1. You can go to your local post office and asking for assistance. If they claim the package is lost, there is a missing package form that you can fill out for USPS as well.
2. You can file a lost package claim with USPS, please call 1-800-275-8777.
3.  Please go to this website: and start your search there.

I received my order, but it is not accurate or missing an item.  With any Hula Moon order, we do our best to pack and check to ensure that you receive exactly what you order.  Occasionally, mistakes happen in spite of our two step process.  If you have an inaccurate order, please email us complete with photos of the front of your mail packaging to the email address listed at the top of this page.

I received my order, but there is a damaged (broken or leaky) item in my order.   If you receive your Hula Moon order with a damaged product, we require photographs of the damaged products be email to Hula Moon email listed above for our team.  If you suspect that your item is broken, please do not endanger yourself for photos.  Clear photos of the outside of the packaging are fine.  If you have a product that you think is not correct please email us photos of the item you received. We will do our best to replace any defective items. In the event that we do have the item to replace, we will send the replacement item ASAP. We do not refund items we can replace.  

Customs Fees:  Customs or Import Fees are solely the responsibility of the purchaser.  

Freight Fowarders: Can I use a mule or third party shipper to ship my Hula Moon order? Hula Moon will ship to the shipping address that you is listed on your order. Hula Moon does not take responsibility for packages that are damaged by your freight fowarder.   Hula Moon is unable to replace or refund missing items when sent through a third party to their final destination.

Any questions other questions: we HIGHLY encourage customers to reach out to us directly via email at the email address in the first paragraph. If you try to reach out via social media, sometimes your posts and/or messages get lost. Email is always the best and fastest way to get assistance.